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In a time when toleration is mainstream and black and white have become shades of gray - -a time where society rejects the truth, stating there cannot be only one way - - a time when the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life controls the world - - a time in which spiritual leaders have blurred the lines of Christianity, WE believe it is time for our eyes to be opened and the borders to be redrawn.

It is time for a REVOLUTION!

The spirit of Elijah has come. The tabernacle of David has been restored. God has a remnant of young people whose hearts burn for Him. They have been raised for such a time as this. At JATC, you will not only be trained in biblical doctrine, but equipped as end-time warriors executing vengeance upon the adversary.

Blow the shofar in Zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain - Joel 2:1